Group Rates

Special Pricing

One ticket:

1 round of golf, 1 go-kart ride, 1 bumper car ride, or 50 balls in batting cage.


Two tickets:

1 round of Lazer Tag



  •  20 - 200 tickets $3.50 per ticket
  •   201 - 600 tickets $3.25 per ticket
  • 601 - 1000 tickets $3.00 per ticket
  • 1001+ tickets $2.75 per ticket

    20 tickets is the base minimum of group rate.

    Large Groups

  • Inside seating is available inside for up to 70 people and outside seating is unlimited.
  • Large Groups are allowed to purchase group rate tickets.
  • Tickets can be purchased in advance with special accomidations, please call for more details

    For Larger Groups, please call and reserve a time for your party to be at
    Thunder Road.

     Unlimited wristbands being offered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week during SUMMER hours!

    Wristbands will be $25.00 each and will be valid for 3 hours 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on the day they are purchased
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